"Licky Hills Lens Flare"

“Licky Hills Lens Flare”

"Licky Hills Evening Lens Flare"

“Licky Hills Evening Lens Flare”

"Licky Sunburst"

“Licky Sunburst”

"Rapeseed and a looming thunder storm"

“Rapeseed and a looming thunder storm”

"Weston-Super-Mare at Low tide"

“Weston-Super-Mare at Low tide”

"Toposcope on Beacon Hill, looking North"

“Toposcope on Beacon Hill, looking North”





"Lines in the Sand"

“Lines in the Sand”

"Snowdonia drive by"

“Snowdonia drive by”

"There's Movement on the Pier"

“There’s Movement on the Pier”

"Sea and Skies"

“Sea and Skies”

"An inviting spot for a picnic"

“An inviting spot for a picnic”

"Lines in the Sky"

“Lines in the Sky”

"Ice on the Lake"

“Ice on the Lake”



"Pyg View"

“Pyg View”

"My Tree"

“My Tree”

"Sunrise over Weston-Super-Mare"

“Sunrise over Weston-Super-Mare”